Sunday, February 24, 2008 6:44 AM

Oh haiii everyone :) yess finally that time in the month to update my blog again. If you notice I usually update from 2 weeks - 1 month of a time. Its only rare I update every day of every single thing happening. :)
January was all good, of course we all have our ups and downs in our lives & its our choice if we move on or not. & I choose to. Everything is for the better right? Anyways dad is coming back from US again, and just like Christmas I had a list of things for him to bring back

Shade: Light Flush
Shade: NC 40
Shade: Frangpian
Shade: Taupe & Skew
Shade: Goldmine

Yeah, I got FAFI Limited Edition one too. Since its such a rip-off if you buy MAC here in the Philippines, like its 1500 for Powder which is like $40 & if I buy in US its only like less than $30.

Life's still good, I'm learning not to spend more. & I'm trying to lose weight. At least I am because I need to. & besides summer is coming in :)

I think I'm staying just here for summer, I love where I am atm.
I'll be adding pictures to multiply soon.

I made FACEBOOK search
-Lauren Young

Do you believe in God?
Like Heaven & Hell?

Sunday, December 30, 2007 7:19 PM

Merry Late Christmas & A Happy New Year.

Ive been stuck in Subic, but been to Manila for a photoshoot. Please buy Starstudio Feb Issue coming out this 2008. :D

Recently went to the beach it was my first time on a banana boat, it was really fun.

Eeek, I jog 30 minutes a day now. So after this post, gotta find some shorts and start jogging around Kalayaan while theres still some sun outside. New Years party later! Heading out to the beach, go to church before that. Yes, I will go to Church! Havent been to Church in a long time.

Will it be to weird if I wear a scarf around Subic? :)

What has Lauren gotten for XMAS?
-Echo Perfume
-Joel Cruz Bath Set
- Juicy Couture Gold Bracelet
-Stuff Toys
-Bench Stuff
-Chi-ching!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Goodbye '07

Sunday, December 16, 2007 4:51 AM

SUPERMAN THAT HOE! LOL. Soulja Boy is such a hit song, can't wait to see the new Piece Of Me video.

Week update!
Friday 12/14/07
Had a show @ Holy Trinity with Dino, Chris and Mikee. It was fun, but alot of bad things kinda happened. Only Alex knows. OOO :) Then left for Subic.
Saturday 12/15/07
OBB Shoot at White Rock. Then went out with Dino, Isabel, Chris, Arno & Aaron. With their parents at my house. It was such a fun night.
Sunday 12/16/07
Slept in all day then went back to Manila my sis just got back from Mindanao.

Charity Lunchboxes
"For the 2007 Lunchbox Auction, 100+ iconic celebrities from the entertainment, fashion, art, music, literary and culinary worlds remind us that food matters by creating personalized lunchbox art for online auction. The auction benefits two hunger-relief organizations — Food Bank For New York City and The Lunchbox Fund of South Africa. Each lunchbox is signed and no two lunchboxes are alike.

Hunger is a global problem. Whether it is New York City or Soweto, South Africa, the children of the world are the ones most severely affected. In New York City, approximately 1.3 million people turn to food assistance programs like soup kitchens and food pantries — and one in five of them is a child. South Africa, a country that is rich and prosperous, is also a country in which an estimated eighteen million people live without adequate food, water or sanitation. Children are often forced to make a decision to learn or to eat.

New lunchboxes will be added to auction everyday, so be sure to check back!"

alan cummings

amy lee

camron diaz

carson kressley

casey affleck

james franco

joaquin phoenix

john mayer

josh hartnett (i like this one the best)

kanye west

lily allen

maggie gyllenhaal and peter sarsgaard

orlando bloom

rachael ray

reese witherspoon

tom filicia from queer eye (i like this one too)

tv on the radio (awesome band - check them out if you don't know who they are)

Happy Holidays! Im Spending My Holidays @ Subic, How About You Guys? :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007 6:05 AM

Look what I found! Its really cute, and it also shows a bit about how kids really do love reading and how they need it. Just like me I love to read. Most of my friends do.

A couple of nights went to Greenhills with Chris & Isabelle, since our rehearsals got canceled. Met Chris' friends. It was alright. Wasn't in the mood but at least had some great talks with Isabelle. The Christmas special went pretty good. Had this fab dress by Randy Ortiz (: Ha! You guys should try coffee without the cream, its so good.

Please go to & look at all the good finds! My fave shop :)
Whats playing
Amy Winehouse
Britney Spears
Bloc Party
Anya Marina
Grant Lee Phillips
Tegan & Sara
Lily Allen


You will catch me @
Friday (Tomorrow)- Holy Trinity School QC
Saturday- White Rock Subic W/ The Rest Of Abt Ur Luv Cast! :)

Friday, November 30, 2007 12:15 AM

My New Celebrity Crush :]
Birth Name: Edward Westwick
Most Recent Role: Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK
Birthday: 6-27-1987

Dad will be here in just a few hours. Was supposed to go out but changed my mind, maybe go to the movies with my sis later. Still thinking about it. SInce our OBB Shoot was canceled I have no plans for tomorrow. Maybe go to the mall and do some shopping or
hang out with friends or stay home and explore my new laptop. Yes Yes Yes. Im getting a new laptop today. Dads bringing it straight from USA. I hope he got the jackets I told him to buy. Whats number one on my wishlist right now are scarves, and lots of them probably some printed ones and just in case maybe throw in some plain ones. And I got some boots yesterday from TopShop. The look like snow boots. They are so comfortable :) Ive been online all day just watching Gossip Girl. Ive gone through 2 Episodes only cause I dont know where to watch the others. If you know, please tell me. :]

Whats on my playlist?
Bloc Party
Los Campesinos
Britney Spears
Head Automatica
Boys Like Girls
White Stripes

Did you guys hear? Britney is preggers again. oops. 3rd Child :[ Just when shes starting to work again.. She's shooting her 2nd music video. "Piece of me" Its a good song.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 2:28 AM

My birthday was a blast. I had ASAP birthday Celebration, and it was Alex' birthday last 18. Greeted her on ASAP. Ily Alex. I need to save up freakin 6k this week. Good thing pay day is coming up. Im gonna buy some Zara flat boots and a scarf! So I can check that off my checklist soon. Lots of good and bad things have happened. Heres my week update!

Wednesday 11/21/07
Abt Ur Luv Prescon, lots of press. Went to KTV Bar with Carla, Jon, Carlo, Isabel, Aaron, Arno, Enchong, Erich, Empress, Angelo, Megan & Alfonso. Me, Arno & Fonzy chatted for awhile and hit starbucks 14 more stickers to go and I'll get the new starbucks planner!
Thursday 11/22/07
Went to greenhills and watched Hitman and went to Timezone. Pics soon loves. Hitman is the best movie I have ever seen. Its my new favorite movie! You guys should watch it :)
Friday 11/23/07
Hit ABS for this thing for Skechers, watch out for it on Sunday 12/09/07 on ASAP '07. Then went to Shang to pick up the New MAC LIMITED EDITION BRUSH SET. Yeah I got it!
Saturday 11/24/07
No taping so went to Martins Bday, was hella fun.
Sunday 11/25/07
Stayed at home today. Was supposed to go to Eastwood but mom wouldnt let me :(

For all those people who like REAL GOSSIP, check this out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007 1:44 AM

Sembreak!! :) Few more days to go and its over. My school had 2 weeks of no school.

Details here (:
Carries black and white party was alright. Before that we went to La Salle to watch my friends concert. It was cool we were the only ones shouting there. Then we had taping the next day. We had our taping at ABS. It was a blast. Then taping again on Tuesday and Wowowee the next day after Wowowee went to Subic. Met up with Alex and her cousin we went around the base and had some coffee and went to Binictican and drank a bit. Thursday went to the cemetary! And saw Alex again. It was soo fun we hung out with Betina, Inna & Adrienne. Friday went to the beach with cousins and family. Got these cute bracelets. I'll post pictures soon. & hung out with Marian and did crazy stuff. Saturday went back to Manila and watched PBB Live at ABS. Megan didnt get booted out. And Enchong had his bday that night but I couldn't go :( Hung around the house Sunday and went to Dance Class on Monday. Tuesday had Game KNB? And hung out with Enchong. Then had dinner with Arno and Chris. And we explored ABS. It was soo fun :)

Pictures soon, Love.